My Tone It Up Review

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I got introduced to Tone It Up at the end of 2016, when I was looking for a different workout routine to follow. The website is headed by two best friends, Karena and Katrina (or K&K as they are known), where they post “daily workouts”. These are usually short videos followed by what they call “daily moves” that certainly get your heart pumping and your muscles sore. I got hooked from the beginning by the idea that I just had to go to the gym, open my phone, and my workout would be there for me. On the site you also find articles on nutrition and fitness as well as some of their featured recipes.

I am not very “gym savvy”, so Tone It Up fit the bill perfectly. I like that they have something laid out that I can follow. Soon I started one of their challenges (this one was the 8 week bikini series). During the challenges they provide not only the daily workouts, but also nutritional tips, and weekly giveaways, all for free. Paying members get a full nutritional plan with weekly menus and shopping lists as well. Since I absolutely hate having to come up with ideas for meals every day, I happily paid the $150 lifetime membership and started printing my menus. Once a member, you get access to all of their meal plans (the meal plans are: regular, gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, and pescatarian).

K&K also have an incredible number of followers on Instagram (where they sometimes hold live workouts), and everyone is very supportive and ready to share in your struggles and triumphs.

Here is my breakdown:


– The daily workouts are for me the best part of Tone It Up. The convenience of being able to workout whenever I want is very appealing. No more getting upset because the group classes at the gym don’t work on your schedule! Plus the workouts generally only require a Pilates ball, dumbbells, and booty bands, making it fairly inexpensive to work out from home (the links are for the exact items I have at home).

– You have pretty much all that you need available for you for free, including participating in the challenges.

-If you opt for the lifetime membership you get access to all past (and future!) versions of their meal plans, which translates into an incredible number of recipes and weekly meal plans (with shopping lists!). This makes eating healthy so much easier!

– I love challenges (which you will very soon notice in this blog), and Tone It Up is often setting up different challenges that range anywhere from 7 days to 8 weeks.


– For someone that only takes 2 dance classes a week, working out every day (including Saturday and Sunday), was a little too much for me (physically and time-wise). If you just follow the daily workout a couple days a week you need to be careful to make sure you are targeting all muscle groups to make up for the days you skipped.

– I would not say their workouts are for the true beginner, and I sometimes found myself modifying the already modified version.

– There are some really good recipes in the nutritional plan (try the pina colada overnight oats!), but my husband and I agreed that it was just not the kind of food we were used to, and eating it every day was starting to become very much like a chore. In the end I found another website called Peanut Butter and Fitness where the recipes are more what we are used to eating. So now I switch between the two (plus the random Pinterest and Facebook recipes). I would recommend that you try their free recipes first and see how much you like them, before committing to the membership

The bottom line:

If you are looking for workouts that are laid out for you every day and enjoy engaging in social media, you should check Tone It Up. It is truly inspiring to see the before and after pictures of their members. And their community is very supportive. However, from my experience and others that I read, this plan only works if you follow it closely, which means daily (that is 7 days a week!) workouts and adhering to their nutritional plan. While this is true for any workout and nutritional plan, I make this comment here just to say that if you are just starting working out and eating healthy Tone It Up can be a little overwhelming at first.

As for me, I dab into their workouts every now and then, and also incorporate some of their recipes in my meal planning. I am far from being a devoted follower, but I don’t think it is a bad goal to aim for. In the aid it is all about find what works best for you at the stage in life you are right now.

Do you have a website (or app) that you follow? Any tips for someone trying to develop a workout routine?

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