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Goals for August

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Here are my goals for this month:

Health: I just purchased a Fitbit a couple of days ago. I know the Fitbit One is not the most advanced Fitbit available. But I just like to count steps and I LOVE participating in the challenges with other people. I decided to start with a goal of 8,000 steps a day and increase from there. Yesterday was my first day and I did not even hit half of my goal. But now I know where I stand and will do my best to reach my daily goal.

Blog: I can’t wait to meet and interact with all of you! So my goal for this month is to leave a comment on a different blog every day. Have a blog? Let me know in the comments so I can visit!

I think this will be it for this month. I don’t want to overshoot, which is what I tend to do. The goal is to start small, focus, learn and grow slowly but steadily. I will the using the goal tracker app to keep track of how I am doing and will let you guys know at the end of the month how I did.

What are your goals for this month?

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